KHDA Infographic Design Workshop - An information & infographic design agency
infographic design training workshop

A cutomized infographic and design training & workshop was developed for KHDA in order to help build infographic capabilities in-house. The training course comprised of two parts.

Part one: 8 days workshop on and off site over one month. The first two days included 40+ employees after which 25 were selected and teamed into three groups for the remainder of the infographic training course. The three groups comprised of:

  • sense makers: gathering and structuring the data
  • story tellers: putting together a story out of the data
  • visualizers: adding the visual elements to the story

Part two: 10 days workshop on site over 6 months. Seven employees from the group of visualizers in part one were selected and trained on Illustrator before the start of this phase. In this training, attendees used a ‘learn-by-doing’ hands on approach and were able, by the end of the course, to design and develop an infographic alone.


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