[INFOGRAPHIC] Countries Named After People

I've always been intrigued by the stories behind the names of places as they enhance the understanding of their culture and timelines. So I started off my research about the topic with countries named after people, which turned out to be many. Below are my findings..


[INFOGRAPHIC] Global Modern Slavery 2016

Slavery is a term that many don’t associate with modern times; however 45.8 million people are estimated to be living in slavery today.

The chart below shows their distribution worldwide and the forms of slavery that still subsist today.


[INFOGRAPHIC] Titanic Facts

We all know the general story behind the Titanic, but few of us are aware of the information that lies beneath the surface, those that re-emerged through songs, movies and memorials.


[INFOGRAPHIC] Vegetable Facts

As a person who doesn't eat much salad, it was great to stumble upon some great other functions that veggies have and facts about them that go beyond their taste, these are some of them..

[INFOGRAPHIC] The World's Weirdest Christmas Trees

Xmas-trees2-01-2-1170x2756Looks like buying a real Christmas tree, choosing the perfect ornaments that go together and spending hours spreading them evenly across is no longer a must. People from around the world have decided to make their own tree from whatever they love most, be it chocolate, jewellery or even sushi! Guaranteeing it will still be fully there by the time Christmas arrives is however not certain..

[INFOGRAPHIC] The 10 Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold

top-paintings-011-1170x6182While the world's most famous paintings are held by museums that rarely ever sell them, others are still being bid at imaginary prices!

Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol's artworks represent the largest percentage of the most expensive paintings (although Van Gogh had no idea he could sell more than 1 of his paintings), however when it comes to THE most expensive painting ever sold, Gauguin's holds the record for the highest price!

[INFOGRAPHIC] The History of Tanning: Going for the Gold

tan-story-032-1170x2036While we spend endless effort trying to attain the perfect tan by soaking for hours in the sun, lying in a solarium bed or covering ourselves in spray tan, just 100 years ago people did just as much effort to avoid having a tan! It was actually Coco Chanel who set the trending tan. Who knows, maybe another iconic figure will bring back the old trend..

[INFOGRAPHIC] Dubai's Public Transport


When discussing transportation with my friends living in Dubai, I was surprised to hear that many of them don't own their own car, an odd fact in a city where pedestrian commuting isn't very customary. However they said that the practicality and availability of public transportation made it very easy for them to move around the city without a car of their own.. A good solution when the driving test is so difficult to pass.