In the age of information overload, we are always being exposed to a rich, diverse array of..well, meaningless stuff. From cat videos to funny (?) vines to viral memes, the quantity is endless but the quality is not. Rarely are we face to face with what truly matters, with what's going on in the world around us in overlooked countries. So here we are bringing some hard-hitting facts to you in this video. Besides, we pride ourselves on bringing information out of chaos!

[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Ways to Be More Efficient

efficiency2-04In a fast-paced 9-6 world, you start to wonder how the hours slip between your fingers. That leads you to wonder how to make the most of the (seemingly little) time you have and achieve more, whether your to-do's are work-related or personal. Here are 10 tips to help.


[MOTION GRAPHIC] Love Around the World

Love Around the World from infographic.ly on Vimeo.

For this Valentine's, we've decided to gather bits of information from around the globe. Happy hearts!!

[MOTION GRAPHIC] New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions from infographic.ly on Vimeo.

As 2015 ends, we've decided to animate the top 6 New Year's Resolutions that you just can't keep! Here's to trying yet again in 2016! Happy new year!

[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Ways to Live Greener

Hello everyone!

Excited to be posting my first infographic poster here (with a twist!). With the current garbage shituation in Lebanon, I thought, why not work on something that would not only be informative, but also contextual and helpful on the greater level.
During my information hunt, I truly realized that the environment is not something outside of us: We humans and the environment are built to work together. By helping it, we are actually helping ourselves.
So besides, you know, actually planting a tree or sorting your garbage, here are some practical everyday tips that can benefit us on multiple levels.
It’s only fair to give back to Mother Earth. We owe it to ourselves!