[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Food & drinks keeping you hydrated during summer

Hello my lovely readers! And welcome to another day of the #Iambeingcookedalive show… Europe and the Middle East are in the midst of a heat wave, and if you’re living in these areas like me, you’re probably feeling the heat…LITERALLY! It’s hotter than the inside of those tight skinny jeans my cousin got me for my birthday because “I need to be more hip” (thanks cuz) and there isn’t much we can do about that, or is there?!

…Well my lovely friends, here I am to show you how to survive a heat wave, because if there is one thing I know, it’s how to survive unbearable heat; I am not big fan of the heat because it leaves me dehydrated and when dehydrated everyday tasks tend to become way harder to accomplish…How on earth am I going to manage working on my digital devices if I’m not super hydrated!  My office pals, you know what I’m talking about no?

For that I put together this #freshfromtherefrigerator infographic about 10 food and drinks that will keep you hydrated and don't forget to sip your way through at least six glasses of water everyday!

[INFOGRAPHIC] Marriage Equality

Marriage-equality_final-01-1170x1454Hey guys! In case you haven’t heard, which I doubt, last Friday the Supreme Court in the U.S. ruled that same sex marriage is now a constitutional right!

And if you’re anything like me you’re probably still celebrating!

This news is supper exciting and in honor of this historical event I’ve put together this colorful infographic representation of marriage equality throughout the years.

A HUGE step for equality and it’s totally worth celebrating #imaginaryfireworks.

But this doesn't mean that the fight is over, we need to continue the fight against homophobia, and we need to advocate for the recognition of all identities and orientations in the LGBT family after all, 12% isn’t enough! All of this is really important to keep in mind but that doesn't mean we can’t celebrate a little more!  #LOVEWINS

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Beirut Influence Project

beirut-influence-project-01-1170x2582Living in “LIBANON” is a daily life changing experience…over the last few weeks I’ve been engaging in two major activities: my new kickass job and of course taking on my daily dose of a cultural tour in Beirut.

I have to admit that walking around Beirut always gets me inspired and it’s partially why I decided to combine both activities into one single project: “The Beirut Influence Project” a infographic representation of my daily fun encounters and struggles against the noise pollution, specifically the car horns at 7:30 in the morning - a driver’s most sacred language if you ask me. To the power cuts that leave all your personal items drained of its usefulness and of course my British council neighbor! I call her so because her INGELISH is… IMPECABLE.