About Infographic.ly

Infographic.ly, is an information design agency based in Dubai, founded in 2014 with one mission in mind – to help businesses visualize their data simply and effectively. In today’s world of information overload we help cut through the clutter and deliver messages that connect with your audience through an array of infographic design services:

We Help Companies

Construct order out of chaos and condense data overload

Simplify concepts for better understanding

Craft engaging content that engages, informs and educates

Create impact that fosters innovation & change

At the core of what we do as an infographic design company is putting our clients first to ensure they stay one step ahead of the rest. So, If you’re looking to take your communication to the next level, let’s chat.

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From Boring to Compelling

This is the difference the right infographic design agency can make.

Our process.

Our process identifies the best content and how to best communicate it visually. We aim for simplicity, beauty, effectiveness, satisfaction, and results.

Our mission.

We believe in making knowledge accessible by visualizing complex data
and information through
good design.

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Our Leadership

Meet the team that sets our infographic design company apart. Comprised of top talent from the world of business, design, content and development, Infographic.ly is a global hub of creativity.

We visualize your data to drive people to your business


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